Cyber Bullying

Cyber-bullying has become a serious concern for people of all ages in Ireland and has become regular headline news. Cyber-bullying is one of the most cruellest  forms of bullying as there is no place you can hide from it.  The bully can get you any place & any time. For a vulnerable person who is already feeling the ill effects of bullying that can be too much to deal with.

Many situations which might start innocently between friends can quickly grow out of control if comments or insults start to be made on-line for everybody to see.

While many of the technologies are relatively new many of the core issues that lead to cyber-bullying to happen have always existed.  Stop The Bully has worked successfully with many groups where cyber-bullying was an issue . Our service provides not only the means to educate regarding on-line safeguards  but also  gets to the core of the issue to empower young people and groups  to deal with the root cause of issues. Even though the bully can act outside of school hours Stop The Bully founder Pat Forde has worked successfully with many groups in schools where cyber-bullying was an issue.  This even led him to be invited to Facebooks European Headquarters for discussions on internet safety and cyber-bullying.

While cyber-bullying is included in all our sessions we also offer specific cyber-bullying talks and class room sessions.