Families Help

Right now families all over Ireland are dealing with bullying situations and they don’t know what to do. Parents can often be left feeling powerless and frustrated by the lack of guidance and support.  Children and young adults are facing pressures today that their parents never experienced when they were young. It is not surprising that difficulties arise when they try to understand what their children are facing. The array of influences both online and in reality can cause a mountain of stress and distraction for the whole family.

The core of Stop the Bully is to empower people with the skills required to deal with bullying issues. The results see children and young adults gain confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness,  new skills to deal with possible bullying situations and a renewed ability to relate to their peers. Also for parents they acquire the skills to better assist and understand what their children are experiencing and reinforce this positively at home.

While we are all aware of the more common forms of bullying such as physical, psychological , verbal & cyber-bullying. However bullying can be caused and exist in many different subtle ways;  from uncomfortable social interaction, group issues, not fitting in, to the extreme cases resulting in  children and young adults not feeling safe going to school. Stop the Bully understands this and how those targeted feel as a result. We can offer help to families in difficulty through private sessions with parents accompanying their kids/teens . For  young people we also run specific day long group sessions.

These sessions and meetings are held with Pat Forde.  This is not a counselling service where the painful events are discussed . It is not an opportunity to point blame . This offers bullying targets a positive service that does help them and helps them put their painful bullying experiences behind them and get on with life.

Contact us to receive some more information regarding group or private sessions with Pat Forde nationwide.