Pat Forde Bio


Pat Forde has been working with children for over 13 years. Pat is a graduate of the University of Limerick and is one of Ireland’s leading martial arts instructors. The protection of young people from bullying is something he has always been passionate about and a number of years ago set about providing positive help for bullying targets. Having trained with the UK anti-bullying charity Kidscape, protecting children from bullying is something that Pat is passionate about.

Pat has worked with schools all over the country implementing his anti-bullying programme with students, staff and parents. He also featured on the RTE Television series Bullyproof with David Coleman and is a regular contributor to national media debates on the subject. Pat has also been featured in a large number of radio debates and  newpaper articles on bullying and his own recent articles have been featured on the and online by the ISPCC.

Pat Forde is Garda vetted and operates under a Child Protection Policy.  As well as working with schools he has also worked with many other agencies dealing with young people including Limerick City Youth Service, Tipperary Regional Youth Service, School Completion Project Cork and the Community Substance Misuse Team.

Master Pat Forde began martial arts training in 1989 and is one of Ireland most accomplished martial arts instructors. Pat is Chief Instructor with the Munster Martial Arts schools and Irish Chief Instructor for the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organisation.  One of the most telling signs of Pats abilities with young people lie in the remarkable list of achievements his students have earned which include a vast amount of national medals , 16 World Championships medals, Bank of Ireland Student Achievement Award &  Mayoral Reception.

Pat graded for his 4th Dan under Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe, 9th Dan Black Belt and President of the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organisation. Master Forde has received certificates of Appreciation and Commitment from Grandmaster Kim for his commitment to the World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation and his efforts towards developing Tang Soo Do in Ireland.

Master Forde was Irish Team coach at the Tang Soo Do World Championships in Cardiff, Wales in May 2011 where all the team were students of his. Under Master Forde’s instruction the team won an impressive 11 medals including 3 Gold, 5 Silver & 3 Bronze medal.