Schools Program

Schools have a key role to play in the identification and prevention of bullying. Bullying can start in a minor way but without early intervention the issue can escalate with detrimental consequences; every school will have to deal with bullying at a point in time. Stop The Bully  provides an effective solution to help deal with bullying which educates , raises confidence and assertiveness and provides students with the means to deal with bullying both in school and in the community. We offer school workshops at both primary and secondary that deliver to students ,staff and parents the full benefits of our anti-bullying expertise & experience. Also for 6th class students we also run a specific workshop to help with the successful transition into secondary school.


Bully Proof Your School

Stop the Bully takes a holistic approach; involving parents, teachers and children to reach a lasting positive outcome….everyone has an important role to play.


Many schools all over Ireland at both primary and secondary level have worked with Stop The Bully founder Pat Forde with many adopting a whole school approach. This has been a very positive experience for students , staff and parents.


Stop the Bully School Program:

This is our main program which is delivered in both primary and secondary schools. As part of this program many schools also hosts parents talks which give parents the opportunity to reinforce this program in different ways at home.

  • Children don’t need to be victims of bullying to benefit from this training.
  • Children will be equipped with practical, non-threatening knowledge and skills in how to keep themselves safe and reduce the likelihood of future harm.
  • The program is delivered within the class room and can involve 3 – 4 groups of students per day.
  • Children will be helped to build confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness with new body language, ways of speaking, friendship skills and a sense of self.
  • Seminars for provided for parents and teachers to enable them to reinforce the training
  • Children will also learn how to handle cyber-bullying.
  • Stop the Bully takes a holistic approach involving, students, teachers and parents


Secondary School Preparation Workshop

As the school year draws to a close 6th class students all over Ireland are looking forward to making the transition into secondary school. This is a pivotal time in these young peoples lives as they will soon be exposed to many new influences and groups. This can be a time that without proper preparation many can become vulnerable to bullying in their new setting.

Stopthebully is offering schools the opportunity to run a class room workshop with 6th class students that will help bullyproof your students during this transition. This workshop is approximately 2 hours duration & will also help students socially when they move into their new school and help alleviate any stresses students may be feeling about this transition. Cyber-bullying is another serious concern in Ireland and with the move into secondary school many students feel pressure to join social media sites such as Facebook. This workshop will also offer students positive advice to safeguard themselves online. This is a key time to act on students behalf.


All students  can benefit from StoptheBully.  To learn more about the schools program contact Stop The Bully.