The Workplace

Children are not the only group in society to be susceptible to the ill effects of bullying; adult bullying can also have a detrimental and long-lasting impact on victims and is more of a hidden problem. Our working lives are demanding, the pressure is high and concern for our colleagues can be relegated to the bottom of our ‘to do list’.

In order for a team to perform to their absolute best then they need to behave like a team. Each member must understand their role, cooperate and communicate effectively with their colleagues. Any breach of this simple formula can easily lead a team to failure. Bullying within the workplace is an all too common cause of teams under-performing.

Customer facing teams also require the skills to effectively deal with the public; Pat Forde can assist your team to better deal with people; relieve workplace stress, improve staff retention and productivity.

For companies who realise the power of an incredibly strong team Pat Forde will conduct a seminar for staff and educate and empower them to effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Bullying in the workplace is all too common and can have a hugely negative impact Contact us for further information.